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People don’t see it, but for you, the content creator, great content can forever change a business. How do you know if the content is going to resonate? There is no foolproof answer, but here are some examples of when content marketing really works.

Story-driven marketing

It focuses on the story. You have been to those events where everything just seems to work. Those events when everything is hitting the mark. When the signage all makes sense. When someone gets up on that stage and tells a story that brings a tear to your eye. You don’t think about it; you just know it’s connected with you.

But when you pull back the layers, it hit you for a reason. It did it because the story was there. Someone had the foresight to walk you through the beginning, middle, and end of this event journey. And the person did it in such a way that it moved you to an emotional experience. That’s when you know it has worked.

Team building as marketing

It inspires your team. Great content is what gets your team behind your cause. If you have a message that is clear, a strategy that makes sense, and you carry out a content plan that feels true, that’s going to guide your team in the right way. They will see that everyone is on the same page. They will realize there is something great at play here. And when you carry out that content, they will be emboldened by it. 

It’s that moment when they watch the event play out, and they see all the work they put into it, and they say, “look how cool we are.” It’s that moment when the video plays and everyone watches it in the conference room, and they say, “look at what we did there.” It’s that moment when they get that check in the mail from a donor who was impacted by their cause. And it’s that moment when a customer comes up to them and tells them how they are going to buy their product. 

Great content does that. It empowers your team to go deeper into an event, a film, a campaign. When you give them purpose and reason, you give them a rallying cry. 

Content grows culture

There have been many times where I have come to offices and met with teams who were not in a good place with their event or campaign. They didn’t know what the campaign was doing, or what it was trying to say. When I got the materials and put together a clear content strategy for them, it was like their hearts changed instantly. They saw the dots finally connect and they became empowered by what they could do. Instantly, they thought of additional content ideas, additional strategies, and other ways to lift the event. Instantly, they had become players in the event, rather than onlookers.

And that’s what content can do.

Community building

It creates community. You are building community with every event you put on and every campaign you launch. If you aren’t thinking of community when you are making content, then there’s a problem,. 

Good content builds lifelong supporters. These supporters are the ones who become the building blocks of your community. When you do a fundraising campaign, you’re not looking for one funder, you’re looking to build a community of future funders. When you are putting together a message, you’re trying to reach a community.

Content done well should bring people together. Content done well should create harmony and inclusion. And it’s from these two things that community is created.  To make great content, you must identify who your community is. You must think about how you are not only going to reach that community, but how to build that community. You must think in terms of building.

When you’re putting together a content plan, you must identify the audience, sure. But you need to identify what you want to do to that audience. You have to think about how you want to move them, grow them, develop them, empower them, or make them flourish.

If you’ve ever taken acting classes, they ask you, “What do you want to do in this scene?” That’s where building community begins. What do you want to do to your community? How do you want to make them feel? What do you want them to see? And how do you want to change them?

Everything you do has to have intention behind it. That’s what will be the thing that draws people to you. Is there intention behind that video? What about the intention behind the invitation you made?

It all comes back to that question: what do you want out of the audience? How do you want them to feel? How do you want them to leave the campaign?

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