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    Marketing for your city

    I love driving through Baltimore and seeing the banners on the lampposts. I love seeing how the sports teams talk about themselves. I love seeing how each neighborhood has crafted its own unique story. Messaging a city For cities, messaging isn’t just found in the marketing materials you create, it has to be far-reaching. You […]

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    Marketing strategy checkup

    Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. Everyone is talking about strategy. If you work with any marketing firm, they will talk about “being strategic” and “adding strategy” to the marketing plan. This is all great. This is wonderful. But strategy can also go wrong sometimes, The thing is, people don’t always use strategy the right way. I worked […]

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    Messaging across industry

    Messaging for a healthcare client Messaging for healthcare is essential. Employees need to be celebrated, donors need to be talked to, doctors need to feel good, nurses need to feel that you care for them and understand them. Hospitals, end of life care, cancer centers, disease centers; all of them need to be using messaging. […]

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