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CONSIDER ME GONE is about one woman’s pursuit to do her own thing, find her own happiness, and take the chances she never took before. CONSIDER ME GONE is a heartwarming, America-spanning tale about living for yourself, loving yourself above all else, finding a home wherever you go, and finding joy in the strangers you meet along the way.

It’s late one fateful day, and the great King Taran sits down to write a letter. Burdened by a new world full of dragons, mythical beasts, witches, sorcery, and war; the lonely king writes to the lover he is forbidden to see. This lover is the man who has been by his side for years and years. So instead, King Taran finds hope in starting this correspondence between himself and the man he has given his heart to.

One night, Julian and Tate meet in a motel room. Under the neon moon, they realize that they come from the same world. Both drifters. Both working-class men who America forgot. 

When the world is torn to pieces by a mysterious evil; two men, the unlikeliest of partners, must join together to save the heart of America.  All the while, an evil force gains power. A dark, hungry evil, tucked away in the dark corners of the world, with only one mission — to watch America burn.