The power of emotion in marketing

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When you don’t think about emotion, you don’t think about the customer. Emotion is why we do everything. Emotion is why we buy things, why we purchase that house, or take that vacation. Emotion is why we go to that coffee shop and not the other one. Emotion carries through everything we do.

Building A Campaign

When you are putting together a campaign, really consider where emotion is going to come into play. 

Sometimes, I have been clocked for being too emotional in the videos or events I put on. One client once called my stuff “flowery.” Sometimes, a client didn’t want to go for the emotional; it was more important to keep it technical. While I agreed with this sentiment somewhat, I still hold true to the power of emotion.

Yes, writing for an accounting firm, they likely don’t want so much emotion. They want to highlight what they are and what they offer – that’s it. I understand that. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have an emotional bent to it. In my option, it’s emotion that turns your audience into customers. It’s emotion that drives them to give, to buy, to tweet.

Every great political campaign was built on the spine of emotion. Even the outcomes that we wish didn’t happen – those, too, were built by emotion. People get behind a cause they believe in because of emotion. They respond, they declare their allegiance, they spring into action – all because of emotion.

Think of your customer

Let’s think about your customer and how they look at emotion. Let’s say you are a firm and you want to launch your new brand focused on men’s grooming. Where do you start? What kind of emotion are our trying to instill? Well, first you have to think about who your customer is. What does he want? What does he care about? And how are you trying to talk to him? Now that you have that information, think about how emotion will come into play.

Ask how will you emotionally tap into his interests? What is the problem he is facing, and how will you solve it? But even more than that, what is the emotion he is missing, and how will you fill it? Do your products make him feel better about himself? Do they make him feel more attractive? When he sees your logo – what kind of feeling does it install inside of him?

When you’re thinking of your product, think about how your look, feel, mission, purpose, focus all tie into the emotion?

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