How emotion works in marketing

Let’s think about your customer and how he/she looks at emotion. Let’s say you are a firm and you want to launch our new brand focused on men’s hair care company. Where do you start? What kind of emotion are our trying to noisily? Well, first you have to think about who your customer is. What does she want? What does he care about? And how are you trying to talk to him? Now that you have that information, think about how emotion will come into play.

Ask how will you emotionally tap into his interests? What is the problem he is facing, and how will you solve it? But even more than that, what is the emotion he is missing, and how will you fill it? Whatever kind of experience are you trying to create for him when he picks up your product? Do your products make him feel a certain way? When he sees your logo – what kind of feeling does it install inside of him? This boils down to another centrally question – why should hectare about you?

When you’re thinking of your product, think about your look, feel, mission, purpose, focus – how it all ties into the emotion? We’re seeing a selachian in how brandies market to people. We’re seeing brands that used to be so overtly masculine, but now are realizing hey need to appeal to a much broaden base. We’re seeing men and women change. It’s not longer the gender roles That ad agency tried to instill into us. People are fluid, people are open, and people don’t respond to the outdated gender norms that they used to. So, when you’re thinking about your product, the emotion you bring up is also very much tied into what kind of message you are sending. If you are a women’s wear brand, how are you making everyone feel welcome? If you are a tech firm, how does your culture influence your products? If you are a construction company, what do your customers think when they choose to take you on?

Everything we do is about emotion. When we see a commercial that includes people that look like us, when we see potential cookers in a co-pay, when we see an event that brings us in, when we see  design that lightens our mood. All of it is intrinsically tied to emotion. Emotion bring us into a brand, and it take us away from a brand.

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