The Power of Print

We may be in the innovation age and have our faces in our phones, but that doesn’t mean print marketing is dead. It’s not. And the sooner you see the power of print marketing, the better off you will be.

You want to grow your business. Think about what print marketing can do. 

Power of print marketing

When we talk of print marketing we’re talking about:

Flyers – these can be leave behinds that you hand out after a client meeting

Mailers – printed mailers that you send to a customer’s doorstep

Boxes – branded boxes that have your company information on them and include your pridvyt inside them (think: fabfitfun)

Signage – talking billboards, logo signage, door signage; anything that’s going to get people checking your site out

There’s even more you can do with print, but that’s just a start. The thing is, people want something tactile. They’re tired of being stuck at home. They’re fed up with being sent email after email. They want something they can keep with them

That college catalog on your coffee table? You’re probably looking through it, no? Doesn’t it feel better than swiping up and down on your iPad?

Grow your business with print

Print gives your business a level of professionalism and honesty. It shows you mean business. Your name and image emblazoned with amazing colors and textures. People are going to keep your catalog, or you box. They’re forgoing to take a photo of it and post it on their social media.

Think about political campaigns – the sign in the front yard, the sticker on your person, the direct mail piece in your mailbox. People remember that much more than they remember some ad showing up on the right hand side of their Facebook. And they trust it more. They’re not going to question if they’re being tracked when they get a mailer. 

Print takes things back to simpler times, sure. But in many ways, it can feel even more innovative. Print and messaging work as one.

It’s all about print

Are you using print marketing for your business? Maybe now is the time to start.

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