Writing a book for your small business

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Books rule. And one of the great things you can do as a small business owner is write. Write about what you know.

Leverage the blog

I love blogs. Clearly. If you have been blogging, you can always take your blog, put the posts together, curate them, and build them into a book that you can publish.

This is a great way to build your book without having to spend all the time writing. Why? because you have already done all thew writing. Boom. problem solved.

Publisher or self publish

You can try to build a case for your book and send it to publishers. get into the non-fiction publishers’ world. This is definitely something worth trying. It’s harder, for sure, but it’s possible. There are countless publishers looking for non-fiction books like yours. And the business book space continues to grow and maintain good numbers.

However, it may also behoove you to think about the self publishing route.

Here’s why:

It can go to market faster: once you have finished it, you can average book publishings sites to have your book ready and in the phones of suers within weeks.

Printing – you can get your book printed and have it available at functions, networking events, and conferences to show who you are.

The thing about self-publishing is that it’s not this silly thing anymore. Million of people self publishing It’s made the book space more democratic.

Why can’t you do it, too?

Don’t let fear stop you

You know your world. You know the focus of your business. And clearly, you are seeing things in your business that are worth talking about. This is why a book could be just the thing.

It’s a passive income stream.

It’s a way to show your expertise.

It’s a great thing to hand out to people. Beats a business card any day!

And it’s something that helps establish you as a brand.

So think about it – what are some of the topics in your industry that you want to discuss? What do you know that you want to impart to others?

Start with these questions and begin to brainstorm how this could be a book. And then… get to writing! if writing scares you, you can always pay someone to write the book. There are freelancing sites that help with this, too.

Either way, think about it. You know your field. You have been in the space. Why not talk about it? Why not speak to your users? Why not find another way to build a passive income stream? Why not grow your brand?

These are all reasons why writing a book about an area in your business could be great for you.

If you have more questions about writing a book, contact me today. I’d be happy to tell you more!

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