CEO Video Interviews

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You have a video planned with your CEO. You have to think about the best questions to ask the CEO. But you can’t just hand the CEO fluff.

‘These questions need to get to the heart o the interview and they need to make the video really pop. 

Below is a list of some common CEO interview questions that you can consider. Of course, your strategy for your video is unique to you. But consider some of these interview questions as you get started. They should be ankle to help with your planning.

Objective: doing a thank you video for your team

Question 1

What would you say to your team right now?

Question 2

What makes this team so great?

Question 3

When you think about the company values, how does this team reflect those values?

Question 4

If you could say something to the team right now, what would it be?

Question 5

What is it about this team that is a such a difference-maker?

Question 6

What’s the future look like for this team?

Question 7

What is some of the feedback you have heard from customers?

Question 8

How has this team come together during difficult moments?

Question 9

Can you think back to a great memory working with this team?

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