Great moments in marketing

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When you are thinking about what you can do reach your customer, you have to think abut it from a moment perspective. When we think of drama, we think about the excitement, the peril, the courage, the beauty. All this is tied into great moments.

You are creating a moment

You are creating a moment for your guests. That’s what your really going for. Think about this: what kind of moment do you want to capture?

Imagine you are the customer. You’re walking into an event. You’re looking to be awed. But there is nothing catching your ate. The food is the same, the speeches are the same. The message and the event – it’s all doing nothing to reach you.

But then imagine you’re another customer. You walk into an event. The lights are interesting, there are structures that catch your eye. The decor is beautiful. Then you sit down to your table and you try the food, and it instantly takes over your sense. Then, the lights dim and the program is about to begin. You sit and listen, expecting the same outcome, but something else happens. You find yourself crying. You find yourself laughing. You find yourself completely immersed in the words that are being spoken.

Drama and excitement in marketing

This is what making a moment means. This is why drama and excitement need to be tied into these moments. This is the lifeblood of a moment. It could be a moment with the food, or with a discussion, or with a video – doesn’t matter. Moments take the customer from passive to engaged.

The same can be said for any video you are making. Your customer is scrolling through his Facebook feed, everything is looking the same. Baby photos, weddings, birthday invites, travel photos. But then he sees your video. And he watches it, and he is instantly moved. Your message is totally there,  you have interview subjects who are sharing their story with you. You are bringing him into a world that he has not seen before. And you did this with a single video. You did this because you recognized that a moment is important. 

Reaching customers on social

When you have customers on social media, and you are constantly fighting for their attention, you have to think in terms of moments. You have to get them interested from the very beginning. If it doesn’t pull them in, if they aren’t getting something from your video, then you’ve already lost them.

A video that brings in a moment is tied into a few things. You need to have a clear story arch with your video. Even if you are doing interviews, you must have a clear focus and uneatable in place. You need to pull out responses from your interview subjects because it has to align with the edit You have in mind. You need to think about the setup. What haven’t you seen before? What would look different?

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