Time for Pride Month

woman opening her mouth

If you’re a business, and it’s Pride month, really look at what you’re doing to support this community. If you’re a small business, ask yourself what’s going to connect with the LGBTQ community.

Is a portion of every sale going to a local LGBTQ organization? Are you sponsoring a float at Pride? Are you giving money to organizations that combat LGBTQ homelessness?

Is there a Pride group at your business? Do your LGBTQ employees feel comfortable talking about their lives?

Pride may feel everywhere this month, but you’d be shocked to learn how many businesses don’t actually have LGBTQ resources for their employees and how easy it is for LGBTQ employees to not feel heard.

So this month – take a real look at your business before you ask for LGBTQ dollars. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to support this community. Not just in June, but all year round.

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