Talking to the LGBTQ community

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Advice for marketing to the LGBTQ community this month.

Show our families using your product.

Show LGBTQ young people taking part in your product.

Don’t pander to us.

Don’t make us work for your attention.
Be real. Be honest.

Talk to us. Don’t talk at us.

Tell the story of how your company is going to support us throughout the year. Be truthful. Be original.

Speak to your years in service to the community.

There is no one way to talk to the LGBTQ community. There is no one way to connect with us and communicate your care for us. Because that’s how it starts; it starts with caring. Expressing what matters to us. We are in a wild world now. And for business, marketing to us takes guts and care. It takes having the courage to be that outspoken voice in a sea of the same kind of

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